9 Simple Steps for Setting Your Private Practice Fee


You’re ready to open your private practice but you’ve been holding off on setting your rate because you don’t know where to start. You think to yourself, “Maybe, I’ll just charge what everyone else charges?”
The problem is without doing the math, you run the risk of undercharging and not having enough income to pay the bills.
But what if I told you that you can have exact formula so you can quickly and easily determine your private practice rate – for free?
Well, you can.
In my free guide, you’ll get my 9-step fee-setting formula so you can set your practice rate with confidence.
Intending on offering sliding scale or pro bono services inside your private practice model?
No worries! My fee-setting formula provides you the option to include low or free services while determining your private practice rate so you no longer have to sacrifice values for business.
Get your free guide today when you sign up below:

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