Considering signing up for Theralist and wondering “is Theralist legit?”

One of the most common ways therapists advertise their services is through therapist directories. But knowing which ones to list on can be a difficult, especially if you’re on a budget.

This article is a Theralist review so you can determine if Theralist is right for advertising your therapy services.

Is Theralist Legit?

Theralist is absolutely legit! Theralist is a new and up-and-coming Canadian therapist directory launched in 2024 by Axologic Software Inc. Theralist was designed and developed by a Canadian psychologist and her husband, a website developer, in order to provide a better search experience for clients when seeking for a therapist online.

Theralist Price

If you’re anything like me, price matters when it comes to choosing platforms to market your services.

Theralist is quite affordable and costs much less than other therapist directory alternatives. Currently, Theralist provides two subscription structures: 

  • $8 per month or
  • $74 per year (cost savings of $22 per year)

Keep reading until the end of this article to receive a discount code for an additional 25% off your first-year subscription on either Theralist’s monthly or annual plan.

Pros of Theralist

If you’re thinking of signing up with Theralist there are several pros for doing so:


As I previously had mentioned, Theralist’s price is significantly lower than most other therapist directories. If fact, their price is up to 75% less than its competitors. However, it’s unknown if this price is an introductory price or will stay this low forever, so it’s definitely something to consider while the price is low. You know what they say: the early bird catches the worm. And with the discount code that’s at the end of this article, you’ll get an extra 25% off your first year. So, that’s even more savings!

Canadian Therapist Directory

As a Canadian social worker, I love when there are innovative ways for Canadian therapists to grow their practices. There are a lot of US-based directories out there that either do not fit the needs of Canadian therapists or are simply inaccessible for Canadian therapists. Theralist is based in Canada and currently only lists Canadian therapists. So, if you’re a Canadian therapist then you’re in good company.

Made by a Therapist for Therapists (and Clients)

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I’m pro-business and pro-profit. But in recent years, especially since the pandemic, therapy and therapy-related services have become highly commercialized by companies with little to no knowledge of the needs of therapists or their clients which sometimes leads to gaps in service.

Theralist, co-developed by a psychologist, aims to fill marketing gaps by pairing prospective clients with therapists who best fit their needs. Theralist was made by a therapist for therapists and their clients. Personally, I prefer products and services that are created by someone who ‘gets it.’

User-Friendly and Functional Profile Interface

When I setup my Theralist profile, I was blown away by how user-friendly, functional and visually appealing my profile was from both the therapist and the client view. From my experience, Theralist provides a great user experience from the initial setup process to dashboard navigation. It was so simple to setup my profile that I had my profile set up in just a few minutes. See my setup process below.

No Profile Description Limits

One of the biggest challenges with some other therapist directories is character or word limits. When there’s a limit to how much you can write in your profile then you need to prioritize what to write and choose your words wisely in order to get your point across. Although, having a clear and concise profile can help improve client contact rates, if character or word counts impact your ability to write effectively it can also decrease them. Fortunately, Theralist doesn’t have a profile description limit so you can write as much as you need to connect with prospective clients. 

Trusted Partner Resource Section

One of my favourite features on Theralist is the Trusted Partner Resource section. On the Trusted Partner Resource section, you can find relevant and practical resources for starting and growing a private practice from, you guessed it, trusted partners of Theralist. I feel fortunate because The Designer Practice Podcast is one of the resources listed. In my opinion, the Trusted Partner Resource section is a nice added perk to the subscription. And over time, as the resource list grows, it can become a free library for private practitioners.  

Backlink to Your Website to SEO

Backlinks are so important for growing your website’s SEO. With your Theralist subscription, you get an additional backlink to your website to help you continue to build your practice’s website authority which is integral for building high SEO and organic reach on Google.

Easy Access to Subscription Receipts

With Theralist you get easy access to your subscription receipts. Although, you would think this should be a given, I’ve been on therapist directories in the past that didn’t give receipts with my only proof of payment being my credit card statement each month. 

Theralist lists all of your receipts under the subscription tab on your profile dashboard so you can easily download and print them come tax time. So, you won’t have to sift through old emails to find your receipt, just simply go to your dashboard and download your receipt.

Cons of Theralist

Although there are a lot of pros to listing on Theralist, there are some cons as well:

New on the Scene

Theralist is new on the scene and like any new product or service there will be learning curves and opportunities for growth along the way.

Compared to therapist directories that have been around for years, you can expect differences in client referrals. As Theralist is new, there may be less clients on the platform searching for a therapist. But there’s also less therapists competing for clients who are on the platform so your competition isn’t as high.

In addition, with Theralist’s ongoing organic and paid advertising initiatives, client growth is inevitable and as the platform grows so will client contacts. And therapists who sign up now have an opportunity to grow with the platform at a really great price.

For Canadians Therapist and Clients Only

Presently, Theralist is for Canadian therapists and clients only. So, if you’re a therapist outside of Canada then Theralist may not be for you.

Theralist’s Setup Process

As I stated earlier in this article, it only took me a few minutes to setup my Theralist profile. To show you how easy and user-friendly Theralist is I’ll bring you through my profile setup:

Once you’ve paid for your subscription and login to your account, you’ll see this screen from your Theralist dashboard. Click on Profile or Create Profile to setup your profile.


Then add your demographic information and your profile description.


Now upload your profile headshot and contact information.


And finally, add client focus information such as as the ages of clients, the type of therapy you provide, the mode of therapy, and your specializations. Then click Save Changes.


Once your profile is saved, clients will see something like this:


That’s it! Setting up a Theralist profile is that easy.


If you’re still wondering is Theralist legit? Then my Theralist review is: although Theralist is new on the scene, it is an up-and-coming therapist directory in Canada. With many benefits and a great introductory price, you really can’t go wrong here.

Also, when you sign up for either Theralist’s monthly or yearly plan, you can receive an additional 25% your first-year subscription when you use the discount code EVASPARE25 at cart.

So, if you’re a Canadian therapist, Theralist is definitely a platform to consider listing your services. Really, the more therapist directories that you’re on means more chances to be seen by prospective clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Theralist today.


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