If you’ve been considering taking PESI courses, you’re not alone! 

Every day psychotherapists across the country are taking PESI courses to grow their clinical skills and build their therapeutic knowledge. 

However, with so many courses to choose from where do you start? 

As every psychotherapist has different goals when it comes to learning new therapeutic modalities, this article categorizes each training by therapeutic modality so that you can choose the PESI course that best matches your learning goals. 

Here are 9 great PESI courses for psychotherapists to take in 2024:


EMDR Step-by-Step PLUS

If you’re looking for an online EMDR training. PESI offers the EMDR Step-by-Step Plus training by Linda Curran. This course has 4 modules teaching you step-by-step how to develop your EMDR clinical skills. The EMDR Step-by-Step Plus course covers topics such as client readiness for EMDR, the 8-Phase EMDR protocol, and client demonstrations of the Future Template. 

Somatic Therapy 

Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification Training

Another great PESI course is the Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification Training. The Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification Training is an expansive therapy training that teaches how to incorporate various techniques such as breathing, visualization, Hakomi and Polyvagal. The course is taught by three world-renowned trauma experts Abi Blakeslee, Arielle Schwartz and Janina Fisher. The Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification Training provides everything from online lectures, demonstrations, handouts and worksheets. 

One of the biggest perks to taking this program is that currently it includes Janina Fishers’ Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II: Complex Trauma Certification, when you enroll in this course. So you get both trainings for the price of one! But who knows when this offer will go away.

Cognitive Processing Therapy 

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Mastery Course

Another great PESI course is the Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Mastery Course with CPT co-developer Dr. Kate Chard. In this course, Dr. Chard teaches you session-by-session what you’ll need to know to provide effective CPT therapy. In the course, you get scripts, worksheets and handouts to guide your learning and to help clients through the CPT therapy process.

Grief Counseling

Advanced Grief Counseling Certification Training Course

If you’re looking to build your grief counseling skills, PESI’s Advanced Grief Counseling Certification Training Course is a good course to take. This online certification program provides you with the tools to help your clients manage and overcome grief and loss. Some of the concepts taught in this include: intake and assessment considerations, interventions and strategies to improve client outcomes after loss, and ethical considerations when working with grieving clients. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Intensive Online Course

ACT is one of my favorite therapeutic modalities so it’s no surprise that I’m sharing this course. PESI’s Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Intensive Online Course is delivered by ACT experts Daniel Moran and Steven Hayes. In this course, you learn how to incorporate mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural strategies into your practice to support positive client outcomes. This course teaches you the ACT model and guides you through in-session demonstrations to help you build ACT application skills.

Internal Family Systems 

Comprehensive Internal Family Systems Therapy Course

PESI offers a few different Internal Family Systems (IFS) courses in their catalogue but The Comprehensive Internal Family Systems Therapy course offers a more generalist approach to IFS therapy. The Comprehensive Internal Family Systems Therapy course is delivered by Frank Anderson and is a step-by-step guide for building an IFS foundation while developing IFS clinical application skills to various client populations.

Trauma-informed Training

Complex Trauma Certification Training (CCTP/CCTP-II) Course with Janina Fisher

If you want to take a trauma training by a world-renowned trauma expert, this is the course for you. The Complex Trauma Certification Training (CCTP/CCTP II) Course by Janina Fisher is a one of a kind trauma training that zeros in on how to effectively heal deep trauma and attachment wounds. This training discusses and integrates various therapeutic modalities including sensorimotor psychotherapy, internal family systems, mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. And throughout the certification program you’ll learn strategies to help your clients overcome the post-traumatic triggers.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapy Professional (CDBT) Training

Next, PESI offers the Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapy Professional (CDBT) Training by Lane Pederson, an advanced skills training in DBT. This CDBT training is a 5 module course teaching you the foundations, framework and structure of DBT. Lane also provides practical strategies and tools including DBT skills training so that your clients can make lasting behavioral change. 

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) for Attachment Trauma

Finally, PESI offers the Emotionally Focused Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (EFIT) for Attachment Trauma by Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Leanne Campbell. Unlike other trainings in this article, EFIT is a short digital seminar. This just under 3 hours digital seminar is jam-packed with teachings on how to help adult clients heal from traumatic experiences as children use EFIT principles. 


Now, there you have it 9 Great PESI Courses for Psychotherapists in 2024!

Regardless if you’re wanting to build your skills in EMDR, trauma-informed therapy, IFS or another therapeutic modality listed in this article, you now have an affordable option to so. Any of these great PESI trainings can help you build your clinical skills and grow to your arsenal of tools and strategies to improve client outcomes. 

Want to learn more about PESI and its features?

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Disclaimer #2:

This blog contains informational purposes only and is not a personal review. I have not personally taken all of the trainings listed in this article.

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