Time is your most valuable asset.

As you work double-duty in and on your private practice, while maintaining life outside of business, creating efficiency is key.

Having practice management software has been a game-changer in my private practice as it centralizes and automatizes my private practice.

3 ways that an all-in-one practice management software can create efficiency in your private practice:

1. Billing

A practice management software brings all of your billing needs into one central location, through integrations, allowing you to spend less time navigating multiple websites or accounts.

2. Online Booking

An all-in-one practice management software should have online booking capabilities that allows you to easily link your calendar to your website. Online booking saves you time as it drastically decreases the back-and-forth emails or telephone tag with clients to book an appointment.

3. Virtual Consent Forms

Signing consent forms has to be super simple for clients. Asking clients to print, sign, scan, and send the forms back prior to the first appointment adds too many steps (and barriers) that could prevent them from following through. The simpler the process, the more likely the client will become a paying client. Also, virtual consent forms automatically populate client information directly into the chart saving you time from manually typing the information after the fact.

Honestly, Jane App’s Practice Management System has been a lifesaver in my private practice. It’s the one-stop-shop I need to run my practice efficiency.

If you’ve been considering transitioning to a new Practice Management Software, I strongly recommend checking out Jane App. When you sign up, use promotional code EVASPARE1MO and receive a 1-month grace period to test out the platform to ensure that Jane App is the right practice management software for your private practice.

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