Do you have an active blog on your private practice’s website?

If you don’t then you definitely should start one. According to Backlino, long-form content, such as blogs, gets an average of 77.2% more backlinks for websites.

What are backlinks you ask? Well, a backlink is a link from a different website that links back to your website. It’s kind of like a citation in a paper; another site may reference your blog because of the great info it provides.

“Okay so why would I want more backlinks?”

Backlinks add credibility to your website, in Google’s eyes that is. It optimizes your site for search engines and causes you to appear higher in the search results, giving you more free traffic and hundreds of potential leads.

My blog posts are the #1 way that I receive traffic to my website through searches.

So, if you’re excited to get started on a blog, here are my 3 tips to make the best blog posts:

1. Write what you know

You’re the expert in your field, so show off that knowledge! Focus on topic areas within field that you’re interested in and know a lot about. This will make writing a blog easier, more fun and ultimately more beneficial to your websites visitor (and your private practice).

2. Solve a problem

Don’t just focus on explaining your expertise or a random tidbit. Instead try and solve an actual problem your website visitor might have. Many readers find new blogs because they type a question into Google. Consider a very common Google search question “How to stop procrastinating?” – that could be a topical question that your blog post provides a solution to.

3. Research keywords

Similar to the above, you’re going to want to research popular search keywords that prospective clients are constantly using. Optimizing your blog post for these keywords will ensure that it appears higher in organic search – being seen by more people and getting more backlinks!

Focus on these 3 things and rank higher through SEO and gain more traffic to your private practice website.

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