Can you make money blogging in Canada?

Absolutely and I’m living proof!

Although many well-known bloggers are in the United States, there are Canadians making a living from blogging each and every day – and I’m one of them. Honestly, the formula for writing in Canada isn’t that different than writing anywhere else in the world. The only difference is that the currency rates, and sometimes that works to Canadian bloggers benefit. 

But the real question is how to make money blogging in Canada? 

Many people think that by starting a blog that they’ll be shackled to their laptops for years in order to make any money but this couldn’t be further from the truth! With the right blogging strategy and incorporating ways to monetize your blog is how to make money blogging.

In this article, you’ll learn 4 ways to monetize your blog posts so that you make money blogging in Canada.

Pitching your Products and Services on Blog Posts

The first, and most straightforward way to make money blogging is by pitching your own products and services in your blog posts. An engaging blog post that provides thoughtful and insightful information demonstrates your authority in your field and readers will quickly think of you as the go-to source on the topic. When your blog posts align with your products and services, working with you is the next logical step. So, after a (really) good read, it’s a no brainer to the reader to pay for your products and services.

Having Blog Post Sponsors

Another way great way how to make money blogging in Canada is to have blog post sponsors. Sponsors are companies who pay you to sponsor blog posts where, in return, you promote them in your post. Sometimes sponsors ask that you promote the company as a whole or other times a specific product or service. Regardless of how you promote the company, typically, sponsors pay a one-time payment for a single blog post.

The great thing about sponsorships is that you receive guaranteed income from the blog post. And sometimes companies will sponsor quarterly, monthly or even weekly content. However, if you’re just starting out, finding a sponsor may be a challenge because companies like to sponsor bloggers who they are confident will give them a return on their investment. In other words, companies tend to sponsor bloggers with a proven readership-base.

But there are companies out there who see the value in sponsoring a new and upcoming blogger. So, it’s never too early or too late to reach out to companies and request a sponsorship. What’s the worst that can happen?

Being and Affiliate and Sharing Affiliate Products on Blog Posts

Next is my favourite way how to make money blogging in Canada, being an affiliate and sharing affiliate products. 

Being an affiliate essentially means that you are affiliated with a company and that you are compensated based on sales from your endorsements of specific products and services. Typically, as an affiliate you’ll receive a commission based on the number of products you sell. It’s kind of like the modern-day door-to-door salesperson except that potential customers are knocking on your door instead of you on theirs.

As an affiliate, you make sales by sharing a unique link on your blogs that tracks clicks. When readers click on the links and buy the product, you receive a commission from the company. It’s that easy.

What I love about being an affiliate is that there’s no pressure from companies to maintain a consistent blogging schedule or to promote their products regularly, as companies only pay you when a sale is made. Another thing that I love about being an affiliate is that you can make an infinite number of sales with one blog post, as long as readers buy the product that you’re endorsing.

Honestly, sharing affiliate products is the bulk of my blogging income. Recently, I made over $1000 from a single blog post in the first month of the post being live just by promoting one of my affiliate’s products. The income potential for sharing affiliate products is real.

There is a downside to sharing affiliate products, however. In order to make money by sharing affiliate products, readers need to actually buy the product that you share before you receive a commission. No sale means no income. Due to this, income from selling affiliate products can be unpredictable because one month you could make $1000 from sales and the next only make $100.

Adding Google Adsense to Blog Posts

Finally, adding Google Adsense to blog posts is the most passive way to make money blogging in Canada because once you allow Google to add ads to your blog you do nothing and get paid. Google Adsense “works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products” (Google, n.d.1). Once you create an account and give Google permission to add ads to your blog posts, when readers see or click on the ads, you are compensated by Google.

Although, Google Adsense is the most passive way to make money blogging, it isn’t the most profitable way as you need a large readership and blog library to generate revenue. You also won’t be able to predict income from Google Adsense either because Google pays different rates based on “how much traffic you get, what type of content you provide, where your users are located” (Google, n.d.2) and how much advertisers pay Google to display their ad (Google, n.d.1).


Essentially, how to make money blogging in Canada isn’t that much different than blogging anywhere else in the world as the ways to monetize your blogs are the same. Although there is one exception, when you partner with or become an affiliate for companies in other countries you may receive payment in their currency. Depending on the exchange rate, you may actually make more money in Canadian dollar; however, don’t forget to claim your blogging income with the Canada Revenue Agency come tax time.

When it comes to making (real) money blogging, try maximizing your monetization efforts by using more than one strategy on your blog posts. The more ways you can make money means the more money you’ll make.

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Please be advised that this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be professional advice.


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