Need a New Year’s resolution? You can use mine! To incorporate the 3 “Be’s” in your marketing initiatives in 2022.

Creating curiosity and connection is key to attracting clients through your marketing initiatives. For me, the 3 Be’s are pillars to creating curiosity and connection in my marketing throughout 2021.

So, I want to share them with you.

Creating curiosity and connection is key to attracting clients through your marketing initiatives.

The 3 Be’s to Standout Marketing:

1. Be different

Being different in your marketing initiatives creates curiosity as prospective clients become intrigued so they click on your profile, check out your website, or contact you to learn more about you and your services.

Think about it: when an advertisement catches your eye, what is it about that advertisement that stands out for you? Usually, it’s something different or unique.

Honestly, I see much of the same when it comes to therapist marketing with each therapist’s profile blurring into the next. When you’re marketing strategy is the same as other therapists, you are one of many. But when your marketing strategy is different, you are one of one. You change the playing field and you stand out.

2. Be visible

The old adage “build it and they will come” is no longer true. Clients must know that you exist for them to ever reach out to you.

Usually, prospective clients start their search for a therapist in one of three ways: by searching the internet, asking a trusted friend if they know anybody, or asking a healthcare professional for a referral.

Being visible so prospective clients and potential referral partners can find you is key to filling your practice.

Now, I know that putting yourself out there can be super intimidating, all of the fears and what-if’s swirling in your head. But those fears are preventing you from being where you want to be in your private practice. Commit to taking the action to be more visible in your marketing efforts so prospective clients and referral partners can find you.

3. Be yourself

Be your authentic self. It’s okay to be authentic, empathetic and conversational through your marketing initiatives. Prospective clients want to know you’re the best person to help them and the only way they can know that is if you show up as the true you in your marketing.

I challenge you to give yourself permission to be different, be visible and be yourself in your marketing initiatives throughout 2022.

I hope the 3 Be’s are as helpful to you in 2022 as they have been for me in 2021. Please connect with me and let me know if this resolution resonates with you!

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