One of the most challenging things about marketing a private practice is the cost it takes upfront to advertise services.

That’s why knowing where the most effective places to market your practice is so important to enable you to receive the best return on your investment. Psychology Today is definitely that!

I love my Psychology Today profile and it definitely has been a crucial marketing source in my practice.

5 Reasons Your Psychology Today Profile is Your Best Marketing Asset:

1. Your Psychology Today profile is listed in your geographical area.

Whether you offer in-person or online services (or both), it’s important to list in areas where you are registered or licensed to practice so you are seen by only those who you can actually work with.

2. Psychology Today is pay-per-month subscription.

Knowing how much you spend each month helps with budgeting and prevents overspending.

3. Psychology Today is user-friendly and doesn’t require much technical know-how.

Because of its user-friendly design, the Psychology Today dashboard is easy to navigate so that creating your profile feels seamless.

4. Psychology Today has a very high Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking on Google.

In many search results, the Psychology Today website ranks higher than most individual therapists’ websites. Because of this, prospective clients are more likely to check out Psychology Today before searching through individual websites.

5. Prospective clients are actively searching for a therapist on Psychology Today.

Unlike advertisements to the general public, prospective clients on Psychology Today have already made the decision to start the search for a therapist – and you could be that therapist!

But it’s not enough to just have a profile. You need to have an effective profile that stands out and attracts your ideal prospective clients, so they stop scrolling and start contacting.

With many profiles to choose from, prospective clients continue to scroll until a profile catches their eye.

You want to be that profile.

Have You Optimized Your Psychology Today Profile?

Optimizing your profile’s performance is essential in order to increase your client contacts. But many therapists underutilize their profile and they don’t even know it.

In this 28-minute webinar, you’ll learn 5 ways to optimize your Psychology Today profile so that your profile receives the attention that it deserves.

Sign up for instant access by clicking here.

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